eBooking Library

eBooking Library is a reservation software for reserving usage of public computers in libraries and other public facilities offering access to computers. eBooking Library works on any PC with Winows 2000 Pro XP or Vista and an Internet connection.

Main features are:

  • Multilingual feauters: The user interface supports English, Finnish and Swedish with more languages to come.
  • The reservation system allows you to limit customer reservations by number or per time unit.
  • A library card number and PIN code are all that is needed to start using the application, if an interface to the Library system is available. Otherwise the customer goes to the local administrator who provides a user code that authorises him to start using the system.
  • Customers can reserve the computers themselves, allowing librarians to focus on other tasks.

Free Trial!

Please contact DP-Group to get a free test environment. The application is hosted on the servers of DP-Group and only the COVER application is needed on the client computers.

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